At Beyond Randomness we appreciate the deep urge within you to come out of stuck position, to conquer the fears and welcome changes, towards a better life. Counseling need not be a cry for help it’s rather the choice of wise for the betterment of their life.

Our counseling services include

Personal Development/1 to 1 Counseling

It takes a life time and beyond to know why we think, feel or act the way we do. We all undoubtedly wish for a better life in all aspects however when it comes to making it better we are stuck. We are not sure of what we want and we are not sure of how to create this better life. Personality Exploration and development is one way of working on understanding ourselves and bringing out the best of us in multiple aspects of life including physical,professional, emotional, interpersonal, intellectual, financial and spiritual fronts. In 1 to 1 counseling you will overcome anxiety/fears, depression, manage anger, improve relationships, develop career, learn parenting skills and create your life in the way you like.

Career Counseling/Coaching

What we do is the major part of what we are. We all want to create a career which resonates with what we are. There are so many situations when we might not know what we want or be simply aware that something is not going right with us and we deserve a better use of our valuable time. There are times when we have reached a plateau in our career and stuck there not knowing the way beyond. Is it really possible to achieve the best in this world controlled by situational forces such as family expectation and pressure, financial restraints, cultural expectations and personal confusion? Career counseling helps you improve your existing career or to choose one which is best for you.

Relationship Counseling – Individual Couple & Family Counseling

Relationships lie at the heart of what we are. Our moment to moment satisfaction depends on the relationship we create and hold with our self, spouse, parents, children, friends, siblings, and the world at large. Fulfilling relationship needs self-understanding and other understanding along with knowledge and commitment to bridge perspectives. It is an enjoyable and enriching experience to delve into relationship development. It could be individual counseling, couple counseling or family counseling. You would gain clarity about exact ststus of your relationships & improve understanding as well as communication patterns to create a better environment in your house/life.

Conquering self-destructive habits/Making Resolutions Work

If we just glance at our days, we find a chain of habits, some helping us structure our days and progress and some blocking our progress. Those habits which block us include, drinking, smoking, drugs and procrastination etc. These habits might bring lot of pleasure and help conquer pain in the beginning however might prove destructive in long run. Using the existing resources to break these patterns will be a challenging process which is quiet possible with commitment, knowledge and understanding.Here you would be helped to break addictions & to make resolutions work.

Adjustment Counseling/Stress Management

There are several areas in our life where changes happen to us before we are ready and leave us dumbstruck in a struggle to accept and embrace the change. It could be a sudden change like breaking up with someone special or a gradual one like relocating and adjusting to new environment or even growing up and entering new phase of life. Some changes are so culturally accepted and unnoticed that it confuses one about the reasons of their stressful life and the ways to overcome them. Having a professional walking with you through the process of adjustment will be a relieving and enabling experience.Here you would be helped to manage with the stress of sudden changes or day today life.

Trauma Counseling

There are certain events in life which sometimes happen to us whether we want them or not and leave us broken. At the moment the recovery seems impossible and uncertain. It is unbearably painful and unimaginable to another person who is not going through the pain. A professional’s involvement at this stage is a hand to hold and soothe.  It would bring us great satisfaction when we see you back on your feet even  more strong confident and wise.