Craving for Love, Care and Understanding

We were born hear as feeble creatures whose existence and survival was a matter of the love and care others showed towards us. As we grew up we gained the capacity to care for ourselves however within us somewhere is that child who continuously craves for the care, love, understanding and acceptance. On one hand we wish for the independence which would free us towards eternal pleasure and on the other hand are scared of the anticipated and experienced pain of inefficiency in handling responsibilities. In this run of life balanced by the eternal forces of freedom and responsibility there come several moments where we experience the stuck feeling. It is as if we have reached the dead-end and there is no turning back.

Beyond the dead ends​​

Most of us admit to be in this place many a times. We usually manage to cross the hurdle and take the path of hope which was nowhere in the vicinity to begin with. The step ahead becomes evident when we get access to more perspectives we had hidden within us waiting to come out, if given a chance. This transformation happens if we are willing to lend an ear to ourselves or find another individual who cares. Who is this person..?? A partner..?? A friend..?? A relative..??

Why do we hesitate to hold a hand..??

What usually happens before we turn to another person..??  We are scared. We fear what if the person starts judging me once I open up. What if other person takes advantage of me? What if other person shows sympathy rather than the understanding my perspective? Again,what about those feelings and thoughts of us, we ourselves do not understand, cannot control and dare not disclose even to ourselves.

Taking that step….conquering pain towards Progress

Well, what about the constant craving for more, the progress..!! Taking that step we always wanted however has not managed so far. How about the possibility to have that dream job, soaring health, fulfilling relationships, mesmerizing personality?  How about adding more life to those moments..?? Isn’t it good if you can have a person around who truly cares and understands you and walks with you, in your journey of overcoming pain or personal advancement till you are ready..?? All the more good if the person  is a professional who would neither judge you nor take advantage of you in any way. This person who would disappear in thin air once you are ready leaving only the traces of endearing memories and the stronger you, all prepared to take the bull by its horns.

Personal Counseling is about truly understanding you and providing the unconditional support to aid you attain the clarity and self-composure to lead a better life. Let us explore different areas of your life together and create an empowering meaning which enables you to think, feel and act in the way which perfectly balances the individuality with togetherness and freedom with responsibility. Let us build a progressive life.

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