You are not a drop in the ocean; You are the entire ocean in a drop​

We view teacher not just as 1 person but 3. A teacher or an educator is an evolving Individual, Empowering Educator & Enabler of future. We address a teacher catering to all the 3 aspects. Our workshops for teacher is driven by results. We closely follow up after Level 1 and conduct Level 2 only when we have tangible results in front of us. 

Come and explore all the 3 dimensions of you in a day’s journey which could change your perspective towards yourself, your family & your school community and empower you as a beautiful human who has chosen the best profession in the world.


My Personality – Understand the unique me
and others around.

•The art  of impactful communication  through 
multiple channels – direct & Indirect

•Human understanding for Life altering
–How and whys of human behavior
–Using positive reinforcement  to my advantage
–Behavioral modeling toolkit

  • Assertiveness for enhancingeffectiveness •Handling an off-day 

    My contribution
    – Basic Self evaluation

    •Goal Setting & Continuous Follow up though
    buddy system

    My teacher community
    – Networking & Teamwork for the growth of school


  • Using strengths of  my personality in    
    ​ Personal & Professional Life
    ​ –Higher awareness: How I am perceived
    and how do I perceive others, 3 perspectives.
    –Being an efficient  leader & team player
    –Enhancing quality of relationships

    •Bringing in breakthrough change in my
    relationships – Reciprocal roles

    ​ •Being equipped to Manage challenging
    –Learning Disability, ADHD & other
    ​ behavioral issues
    –Strategies to motivate & engage
    –Offer support on personal level

    •Why label & Demerits of labeling
    •My Contribution – Detailed Self evaluation