Wherever you are – Be all There
-Jim Elliot

Majority of us, how much ever good we are at studies, attend schools because of one of 3 common reasons. The reasons are “I want to create a bright future”, “My parents expect me to go to school” or “I have fun at school with friends”, Rarely we find any who attend classes because of the 4th reason….which does justice to so many years we spend studying. The golden reason is “I love to learn and enjoy studying”.

We, at Beyond Randomness intend to help you create this 4th reason within you. We do it by creating a clear focus not only on your future but also your present through our workshops. We want you to be forward thinking as well as firmly routed in present. Present is all about your relations around you, identity within you & studies which you are doing right now.

We are conducting following workshops which are scientific, experiential, insightful & fun filled to accompany you in your quest at making life a little more colorful, interesting and sensible. Come Join us in this exciting roller coaster ride which will bring in pleasant changes in you.

My Career : Shaping my own Dream Life

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” -Rumi

Currently we have so much exposure however we need not have clarity about what to look for, where to look for and what to do with the information. Through this workshop we intend to create clear direction, inquisitiveness and action oriented clarity about your future.

​Career is the way we express our self and integrate it with society. It is not just something we do with our life to provide for the means but the means for evolution of the self in society. As much as the career shapes us, we shape the career. Each one of us have it in him/her to be the best in carefully chosen career.

​In this workshop we make you experience your uniqueness and possibilities for a career which is not just something coming from society to you but also something that is the unique you.

​ Let us explore the science and art of making your own career in your own way in these 2 day workshop.

Quintessential Skills: My entry to the Outlier Club

Skills these days have become cliché. Every third person around talks about skills. However how many of us are confident to apply these skills and have been applying them consistently after attending a skill workshop.

Science says that only 20% of us manage to gain most out of what happens to us and become an outlier. How about becoming one. How about learning to appreciate & enjoy studies and also to become competent at studies.

Imagine yourself attending schools with true zeal and enthusiasm for learning along with new found competence. Enjoying with friends then would be a bonus
​After all who would want to go to school just thinking about the results of exams or the career which will start after so many years…!!!

​Test it for yourself by attending this 2 days workshop.


Flourishing Relationships: Essence of Life

I know me because there are others. I see, observe, think, converse and feel others to understand me. We all have different relations in our life whether it could be parents, friends, romantic partner, teachers, relatives or significant others. How would it be if we truly understood these relationships. Won’t it be excellent to understand our own emotions better and express them appropriately. How about knowing the intentions of different relations & the best way to communicate with every relationship around us.

​Imagine a Life where you are happy at home, school & outside and everyone in your life truly understand you & respect you. Let’s make it possible in this 2 days workshop.

Identity: Knowing and Shaping me

How many times have you wondered about knowing and expressing the real you, which seems to be hiding behind several masks. Aren’t we all so different with different people & in different situations.

How about knowing different dimensions of you & ways to explore them. Are you just about your physicality or you have more to you. Teenage is the time when we are changing in every possible way which is a pleasure as well as pain. It has the power to keep us in sheer excitement and utter confusion.

What if we could understand what we want & what society wants from us. What if we could explore what we are at present and how to become what we want us to .

​Explore yourself in this 2 days workshop to get few answers and create many questions.