Together we stand, Together we fall
Together we fight and fight for it all…

– Jared Bake

​What is Group counseling..??

Think about those situations when you were going through something which seemed beyond your control. This might be something like deciding on a course or cruising through a trauma. Whom do you trust in all these situations..??  Isn’t it either those people who are going through something similar or an expert who has met many who have gone through something similar and also has scientific knowledge of it? How would it be if we can bring both of those companions together? The Knowledge and experience, coming together seamlessly, in one platform, where the discussions happen in a meaningful way, and helps one cruise through the situation. This is what happens when we get together for group counselling.

Intricacies of Groups

The purposes of the groups vary widely from personal development to coping of critically ill. It could be about anything under the sky which concerns number of people. Once a group gets together for a purpose, it gets together with a structure where the number of participants, the meeting schedule, number of meets, plan for counseling and the outcome of the group is predicated. Each session has a purpose as well which contributes towards the bigger purpose. In the group counseling it is ensured that each member who is part of the group is involved in the process and gaining from the exchange. The presence of the trained psychologists makes the groups effective, empowering and truly beneficial. It also comes with cost benefits over individual counseling.

Benefits of Group Counseling

The group counseling is a way to bring in clarity along with seamless integration of different perspectives. To continue people also benefit from coming together with others who would have experienced something similar and hence share their journey. The complexities of the group are managed by experienced psychologists and the result comes from the integration of the science and art into the process.